Independent brands for independent minds

At TWYG, we curate and bring the best independent brands to the world, and the world to them. 

We promote only emerging and independent designers - you won't find any cookie-cutter mass-produced pieces. Only the unique and the thoughtful.

Our values

Global. Because talent knows no borders. We're about bringing local talent to the world, and the world to them. We break down boundaries, be they geographical, cultural or otherwise. 

Slow. We're about slowing down. Fashion that is.  No assembly line produced articles of mass consumption. We showcase only the unique and the thoughtful. 

Individual. Above all else, we're about You. You, the creative, the austere, the crazy, the refined, the eat-cereal-for-dinner You. We cater to all the individual You's out there, as well as the individual aspects of You.