Our story

TWYG is a labour of love between two women who are on the path to educate the society about SLOW fashion and to shine a spot light on independent and emerging designers in a world of increasing dominance by fast fashion.

TWYG was co-founded by two women, Janet and Elaine.  We both hail from sunny Australia and have backgrounds in business consulting.  Not only did we discover our mutual love for food (and similar corny sense of humour), we were both so sick of the “sameness” that is overtaking mainstream fashion. 

We were tired of looking like every girl down the street and shopping in high street stores.  We were left uninspired by fashion.  We were looking for something different and found there isn’t really a great platform out there that showcases and promotes independent designers.  Who doesn’t want to be different and unique?

We asked ourselves, there has to be more to this than your high street retailers.  So, we scoured the streets of Hong Kong and Australia and noticed the many independent and emerging designers and artisans.  We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we curated and housed all of these unique designers from around the world under a platform and so, TWYG was born.