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Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse | Leather Cube


The Elvis & Kresse leather cubes are constructed from interlocking pieces of the finest quality leather; leather that we reclaim from a cross section of the very best British leathercraft manufacturers. Our leather partners cherish their hides, the waste they produce is in small seemingly unusable pieces, which is why we have had to develop this modular approach. We only work with the off-cuts produced by our leather partners so every piece we create is unique.


Handmade in England, these cubes make ideal doorstops or just beautiful objects. They are nice and heavy, stuffed with reclaimed leather of the same quality, making them 100% reclaimed. They can also be personalised and if you would like a larger size, contact us with your request and we will arrange the rest.

Due to the modular concept our cubes are designed for deconstruction, we want them to have a long and varied life. We have created three shapes that can interlock with infinite potential. The three shapes can help the cubes to be remade, and reinvented through time. We hope that our cubes are just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what we might make, or what you will.

Available in Black, Caramel or Shiraz leather.

If you choose the personalisation option, this is achieved by laser etching directly into the leather. We recommend not more than 20 characters. The font used is Times New Roman.


    • Dimensions: H 17 x W 17 x D 17 cm
    • Exterior: Rescued handwoven luxury leather
    • Interior: Rescued leather off-cuts
    • Available in Black, Caramel, or Shiraz leather
    • Elegant design
    • Ideal as doorstops, weights, or unique interior pieces
    • Larger sizes and custom shapes are available upon request
    • Presented in a reclaimed military-grade parachute silk dust bag, reusable as delicate-wash bag
    • Etched Elvis & Kresse logo
    • Handmade and handwoven
    • Repaired for life
    • 50% of profits go to Charity